Welcome to Possible Summers. The links to the four sections of the book are accessed through the links below:


This is the main body of the book.

Links to the other sections are to follow…

The pdf is opened with a password; Caliphate1782.  The password exists simply to direct folk through this site so that I can log how many people have accessed the book.

Please post any comments or questions on this site. I would love to hear from reads and I will respond as quickly as I can when required.

With love,

Eddie Nuttall.


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  1. Reblogged this on Ludic Technologies and commented:
    Some wonderful reflections from Eddie Nuttall here, gathered together and beautifully published. I haven’t read the concluding “Frames of Magic” yet. Great that there is so much being written online at the moment by playworkers about their role, their learning, and the qualities of playspaces. Thanks Eddie!

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